Mom, Baby & Doula is a service that matches expectant families or families with newborn babies with certified doulas. A doula is not a nurse, although many nurses have become certified doulas. The doula is a trained professional who comes to the home to assist the parents, particularly the mother, prepare for childbirth (prenatal or birthing doulas) and/or help the parents take care of the new baby (postpartum doulas) in the critical period following childbirth. Some doulas may specialize in either prenatal/birthing or postpartum care, although many do both.

Most doulas are independent agents and do not work as employees for agencies or companies. They rely on word of mouth referrals, networking in their respective communities, social service agencies, parent groups and other non-profit organizations involved with expectant parents and parents of newborns. Their biggest challenge in making their services known is the inability to market their skills on a larger platform through professional marketing and advertising.

Mom, Baby & Doula provides the marketing component that independent doulas lack and acts as a referral networking service. The networking and marketing is not restricted by any geographic or legislative boundaries. As a non-clinical service there are no licensure restrictions. To our knowledge there are no direct competitors and only one that offers some elements of the Mom, Baby & Doula service.

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